Fall is finally here and so are some new products. Besides our regular offerings of Artisan Soaps, we now have some new products.

Wooden Wick scented soy candles and soy wax melts. 

Laundry soap, and dryer balls.

Scented Bath Soaks, bath salts, and bath teas.

New things

Redwing Soapery is expanding our line of Artisian Products to include salty bath cakes and moonie bath bombs.  We have several Bath Bomb  recipes to choose from; the Classic Moonie Bomb, Milky Bomb, and Butter Bomb. 

Relieve your aching muscles with our Salty Bath Cakes or take a luxurious bath with our Moonie Bath Bombs. 

Salty Bath Cakes
Moonie Bath Bombs

Moonie Bath Bomb

New Season

We are gearing up for spring and summer here at Redwing Soapery.

We have several new soaps including fragrance-free and brine soaps along with our regular offering of beer soaps using local brews.

We will be vending this Spring at two local fairs:

May 6, 2017     Melrose Spring Fair, Melrose, FL

May 13, 2017   Windsor Zucchini Festival, Windsor, FL


All of our products are Vegan Friendly and palm oil-free, and use natural clay and herbs.

What is in a name

Names are given to things as a shortcut when identifying something. Instead of saying “the bird that is all black with red and yellow on the wings, smaller than that all black colored bird” in English we call it a “Red-winged blackbird” Agelaius phoeniceus.

Red-winged Blackbird

So why “Redwing Soapery” ?
A short story. Jim and I were brain storming a name for our Soaping adventure one night. Several thoughts came to mind “JUS Soaps” for our initials; “BHS” aka “Black Horse Soaps” for my horse Kipper. We finally decided on naming our company after our favorite bird, you guessed it; the Red-winged Blackbird.

As fall is upon us, the red-winged blackbirds are at our feeder in full force. Sometimes two feed on the seeds in the feeder at the same time, displaying their vibrant marks to each other.

Redwing Soapery was born out of a passion for the environment and creatures surrounding us. The same thing applies to what we use to clean our skin.

All of our soaps are made with food grade vegetable oils, herbs and spices, botanicals and naturally occurring clays. We use plant derived essential oils in most of our soaps. Some fragrances cannot be captured, in these instances fragrance oils are used. To understand the Ingredients used in our soaps please read the ingredients page.

The Ancient Recipe

Olive Oil and Laurel Berry Oil Soap

Aleppo Syria was the home of unique soap makers, who make their soap on a large scale with Olive Oil, Laurel Berry Oil and sea water. Since the upheaval in the Mid-East and the bombing of the City of Aleppo Syria,  the Aleppo soap makers have fled; some to surrounding countries and some having been killed in the Syrian Civil War. Select link to find out more about the Aleppo Soap Makers.

Aging on the soap rack is Olaurel 30 and Olaurel 20, a soap made with Olive Oil, Laurel Berry Oil and a touch of Sea Salt giving this soap its unique color and fragrance.